On the 18th of November, the director of German scholar Robert Bosch foundation project, Jane Nubauer, the German director of Northeastern University Goethe Institute, Reuben Frank, the director of government department of German industry and Commerce in Beijing branch, Liji and the director of the investment and legal department in Guangzhou branch, Stefffi were invited to visit our school. The relevant staff in the international exchange and cooperation office met the guests.

During the meeting, two sides exchanged the views on some issues, such as the assistance for our students to go further study in Germany, German training programs and promoting cooperation of our school and German companies' science and technology. At the same time, we got to a common view on expanding the scale of educational and cultural communication, serving teachers and students better and other matters.

Robert Bosch foundation is one of Germany's largest companies’ foundations, the focus of which is to promote mutual understanding between the nations and the development of education and health career.  Goethe Institute is a German cultural college that actively engages in cultural activities within the scope of the world, aiming at improving German language teaching abroad and engaging in international cultural cooperation. German industry and Commerce is the official representative of Delegations of German Industry and Commerce in China, aiming to promote the development of German enterprises in China and Chinese enterprises in Germany.

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