September 13th,eperts from Japan Ryukoku University are invited to visit SJZU. The experts includes Professor Hideki Kitagawa, Head of Research Institute for Social Sciences and professor of Environment Policy Department; He Yanmin, research fellow at the Economic Research Institute of Kyoto University; and Jiang Hongwei, research fellow at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. Related personnel from International Exchange & Cooperation Department and Business School met the guests.

During the talks, professors from both school discussed exchange system, methods, achievements, future development direction and other aspects in the areas of education, scientific research and international exchange. The professors further discussed possible joint scientific research projects. Meanwhile, the two sides reached a consensus on sustainable academic exchange activities and scholar exchange visits to further deepen exchanges and cooperation of the two universities. After the talks, Professor Hideki Kitagawa gave an academic lecture called “Economic Value and Accounting of Ecological Compensation” to students from Business School.

Ryukoku University, established in 1639 and located in Kyoto Japan, , is a well-known private university and one of the oldest comprehensive university in Japan. It is one of the Eight Famous Universities in West Japan and one of the world famous universities. The university applies many subjects, such as economics, management, law, policy, physics, mechanical engineering, environment science, and etc.


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