August 29th, Professor Hanbin Ge, director of civil engineering department of Japan Meijo University, was invited to visit SJZU. Vice-president Li Yupeng met with the guest. The responsible comrades of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and School of Transportation Engineering participated in the meeting.

Li Yupeng welcomed professor Hanbing Ge’s visit. On behalf of the school, Li Yupeng hired Ge Hanbin to be a guest professor of our school and awarded certificate. The two sides introduced the basic situation of the schools in detail. They also discussed and reached a consensus over issues such as strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the two schools; promoting exchanges and cooperation between schools, departments and disciplines; conduction exchanges between students and teachers; building international laboratories; holding international conferences; and exploring cooperation among multi-party, multi-country and multi-school organizations.

During the exchange, Professor Ge Hanbin visited the School of Transportation Engineering and Research Institute of Construction Industrialization. He inspected the Road and Bridge Structural Laboratory, the Structural Engineering Laboratory and the Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Center, and gave a lecture entitled ‘Development of High-Performance All-Steel Seismic Dampers and Damage Control Design of Steel Bridge Structure’. Besides, he also gave a lecture called ‘Seismic Performance Evaluation and Safety Performance Evaluation of Steel-concrete Composite Structures’ to the teachers and students of Research Institute of Construction Industrialization, and conducted in-depth academic exchanges with responsible comrades, teachers and students.




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