On September 4th,  Walter G.J. van der Meer, Dutch water expert, professor of Delft University of Technology and University of Twente, and chief executive officer of Osen Water Group was invited to visit our university accompanied by Liu Gang, researcher of Ecology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Vice-President Li Yupeng met with the guests, responsible comrades of International Exchange and Cooperation Department and School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering attended the meeting.

Li Yupeng welcomed professor Walter Vandemille’s visit. Li Yupeng hired Walter Vandemille on behalf of the school to be a guest professor of our school and awarded certificate. The two sides introduced the characteristics of the school discipline and the characteristics of educational internationalization in detail. They exchanged views on starting in-depth teacher-student exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation through academic exchanges and project cooperation in the fields of environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and infromation technology. Besides, they also discussed in-depth the cooperation of disciplines such as preponderant disciplines. The two sides also agreed to take this visit as an opportunity to promote the multi-party cooperation between our university and the four leading universities in the Netherlands, and to clarify the direction and focus of future cooperation.

During the visit, Walter G.J. van der Meer gave an academic report entitiled ‘’Future-oriented water purification technology’ for the faculty and students of School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, and Liu Gang gave a lecture entitiled ‘Drinking water in the Netherlands: Advanced purification and Innovative distribution’.

Dutch Delft University of Technology was founded in 1842, located in Delft, Netherlands. It is known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Europe, and ranked 52nd in the 2009 QS World University. University of Twente was founded in 1961 and located in Enschede, Netherlands. It has more than 10,000students and is a member of the Union of Dutch Top Polytechnic Universities and the European Union of Innovative Universities, and ranked 350 in the world. Osen Water Group is one of the eight largest water service company in Holland, and is committed to the research of drinking water treatment technology.


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