On July 10th, professor Zhaoyu Yang who comes from our Management School is exchanging to Urban University in Ohio, and invited by local teachers, students and local community to give a public speech. The topic is the “Confucianism and the market economy” that is combined with traditional Chinese culture and modern development together, introducing the essence of the Confucian thoughts of the market economy with the Chinese characteristics to the United States audiences, and it received warm welcome by everyone. The president of Urban University Mr. Jones, the vice president Dr Thomas and the former U.S. member of Congress Dr. Kelaolunsi met with our tow Professors, Zhaoyu Yang and Yao Fu who are from the Architecture School, and listened to Professor Zhaoyu Yang’s highlight speech. In addition, many U.S media and newspaper journalists attended and reported the lecture. After the speech, the local newspaper journalists had an interview with our Professor Zhaoyu Yang, and it was reported in the newspaper of that day, arousing wide attention and praise in the local. According to our plan, on July 17th our Professor Yao Fu who is from the Architecture School would have a public speech to the teachers, students and local community in Urban University in Ohio, the topic is the “Beijing National Stadium”. We just received the news that Professor Yao Fu had finished her speech which was very successful and gained local people’s admiration. All of these set good foundation for our two universities’ exchange and cooperation in the future.

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