Chonbuk National University was founded in 1947, following the liberation of the nation, by the provincial fund within the framework of Korean national university system. Its mandate is to nurture the national ethos of pursuing truth through excellence in teaching and research in the ever-extending frontiers of human knowledge. From its inception, the University has grown into one of the major national universities, taking great strides in the fields of arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. Further it has continued serving well for the regional as well as the national interests and aspiration for better human conditions under the guiding philosophy: Freedom, Justice and Creativity. The University recognizes its mission as a higher learning institution that should help cultivate creative mind and leadership to foster and preserve equal opportunity for all members of society. Given such opportunities adequately afforded, Chunbuk National University’s endowed potentials should be fully developed so as to meet challenges coming from the rapidly changing world of great uncertainty. It believes that the creative mind coupled with strong liberal education based mindset will enable young emerging leadership to work effectively for human common interests of society. Thus, the two-fold founding mission of the University is to help pursue excellence in teaching and research through truth seeking and further to develop the leadership character of new generations to lead creative endeavor for the new world of global age.

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